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breaking news out of san francisco. a fire at a popular restaurant in west portal. the muni delays it's causing this morning. we are live at a destructive house fire in san jose. why this fire was especially dangerous for firefighters, residents and people living in this neighborhood. a frightening ordeal overnight terror a farm -- ordeal overnight for a family. the vice presidential candidates clash in their one and only debate. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, october 12th i'm mc-- i'm pam cook. >> and i'm mike mibach. let's check in with steve paulson.
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dry? wet? >> weekend looks better. we still have drizzle out there. a couple systems still impacting us. the low clouds. the combination of the two will give us a mostly cloudy and cool day with highs only in the 60s. we do see warmer temps over the weekend. we have a big problem in oakland. 880 at 23rd two right lanes blocked. also this morning we are looking at the traffic in san francisco. it looks good here. but there is a problem in west portal. we'll tell you about thatment cooing up. now let's go back to the desk. let's talk about that right now. breaking news out of san francisco. i want to show you live pictures from west portal avenue. firefighters are battling a fire. right now firefighters say they have dawned into a defensive fight and it's too dangerous to be inside that building right now. the scene if you are not familiar with west portal is directly across from the muni station there. the fire broke out about an hour ago inside that restaurant
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called squat and gobble. and heavy smoke as you can see still pouring out of the building as firefighters put water on these flames. no injuries so far have been reported. but the fire is causing muni delays. the m and k line coming up at 6:30 we'll have live report from the scene including details about what may have sparked this fire there in west portal. we are also following developing news out of the south bay. fire crews have gotten a handle on a big fire in san jose that injured two people. matt keller is live at the scene with more on the trouble firefighters are having there this morning. matt. >> reporter: it was a very big fire here on carlton avenue. firefighters are still boricking here. putting water on the house here. this was a very dangerous fire for flightiers, neighbors, and the people living here because of live ammunition inside. they called for a second alarm. when they got on the scene because of the raging fire. the houses on both sides were
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evacuated. two people living at this home were taken by ambulance to the hospital. we're told one of them had second degree burns. firefighters were told to wear protective eye wear if they got within 50 feet of the house. they did not go inside because of the exploding ammunition. i just spoke with a pg&e worker out here at the scene, he told me there were no power outages. and this fire does not appear to be suspicious but they are still investigating what started it. reporting live in san jose matt keller. ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police have detained two people in an investigation of a homicide. it was reported at 1:45 this morning at rogers and junction avenues. police say a man was shot near the aloe bar. he died at the scene. police have detained a car and two people but the shooting is under investigation. a vallejo family went through a terrifying ordeal
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overnight. intruders broke into their home and tried to rob them. alex savidge is in vallejo with details. alex. >> reporter: the family that lives in this house say they were held at gunpoint overnight. it happened inside their house here that is just behind us. a woman came out of the house a short time ago earlier this morning show told me it was scary for the folks that lived here. vallejo police confirming to me that the sergeant i talked with told me three men have been arrested for this holdup. it was 10:40 last night when police got a 911 call from this house. people that live here on cardinal lane. six people inside they were being held up by armed men that broke into the place. police say the robbers were inside demanding jewelry and valuables. officers from vallejo, american canyon, and the solano county sheriffs office set up perimeter around the place and got here when the robbers were inside.
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>> once we had the house surrounded we called out individuals. >> reporter: police say they were told by the police that live in this house they did not know the armed men that broke into their house. three men have been arrested and they have been booked on both robbery and kidnapping charges this morning. live this morning in vallejo alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. six miles southeast of that break in was another dangerous and explosive situation in vallejo. the bomb squad detonated the explosives recovered from a house on georgia street. that blast rattled windows and set off car alarms. the incident began while acting on a tip. police served a search warrant yesterday afternoon. they knocked on the doors of neighbors to evacuate them. police arrested the suspect as he came tout to check on the commotion. >> it's scary to think that
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somebody was blowing up making home made bombs in their backyard. >> police arrested the suspect who is identified as a man in his 50s. investigators are trying to determine the reason behind the explosives. vice president joe biden and his republican rival paul ryan went face to face in a feisty debate. >> this is what politicians do when they don't have a record to run on. try to scare people from voting for you. >> coming up at 6:15 what joe biden said about the situation in libya leading up to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate that is getting some attention this morning. if you plan to travel on the pittsburg bay point line of bart, expect delays tonight. bart will be performing train controlled testing between lafayette and pleasant hill. and then tomorrow trains will be running in manual mode between walnut creek and pleasant hill. bart says passengers should expect close to ten minute delays. testing is expected to be completed tomorrow night with service back to normal by sunday.
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all right it's not normal this morning. a lot of traffic, muni effected. a loft things going on. >> a lot of things going on. we want to get first to that problem in oakland because if you try to catch a flight we have better news for you. 880 southbound they have opened up at least one lane here on 880. remember they had issued a sig alert for traffic trying to get to the airport. the crash was blocking the two right lanes for quite some time. now they have opened up a lane here and traffic is getting a little bit better as you drive through the area. southbound 880 at 23rd. it looks like traffic is beginning to clear out finally. we have better new there is. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a little bit of a backup here expected. and we also have a look at the south bay. traffic is moving well. you are driving in the santa clara valley. no major problems there. and on the peninsula the traffic looks good across the san mateo bridge. wet out there in case you are waking up. you haven't looked outside. you have to deal with wet
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weather. pam and mike mentioned delays to the muni lines k, l, and m. if you take the k, l, or m there are major delays and some of the streetcars are not getting through. 6:07 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very happy friday. our forecast headlines go from one extreme to the other. that extreme would be from a lot of cloud cover to hardly any clouds add all by this time next week. today mostly cloudy, school. the weekend will see morning fog. it will sunny and a little warmer. next week looks like warmer weather. mid to upper 80s inland. i'm getting pretty far ahead of myself. we have to deal with a lot of cloud cover. you can see the distinct line raining up in tahoe. still streaming over. we get low clouds coming off the coast. today the showers start to move east but slowly. there is still light rain. the low has been out there for the longest time. it will finally move into
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southern nevada. still wrapping back around. mostly cloudy. a very cool pattern. 50s on the temps. you can see the low. big low tap into a lot of moisture. it is on the way out of the picture. one system upstream will come in. it's falling apart. highs today a lot of 50s. low, mid, to upper and few 70s. could be a little sun toward the north bay. everybody else deals with a lot of cloud cover. very similar to yesterday. 60s including morgan hill, gilroy. 50s and 60s on the coast. in the city south san francisco and mainly mid 60s menlo park in there. palo alto los altos. fog will be with us nights and mornings. i'm sure you heard of unusual discoveries. how about this one? a giant eye washes ashore on a
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florida beach. the mystery it poses for marine biologists. space shuttle endeavour is on the move. take a look at this live picture we will go live to los angeles. and what some say is mitt romney's awkward google moment. unflattering search that causes photos of romney to pop up. that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. election news this morning. photos of mitt romney pop on a google search but not in a way that favors the republican presidential nominee. if you go to google and type in the phrase completely wrong, a full page of romney comes up. a google spokesman says it's not a political coverage. vice president joe biden made some news add last nights vice presidential debated when he said for the first time the white house did not know officials in libya wanted more security. ahead of last months attack. alison burns joins us now from our washington, d.c. newsroom taking a closer look at how the crisis in libya was a major issue last night. >> reporter: pam, it was the first question in the 90 minute debate. was the attack in libya and the
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obama administration's response a massive intelligence failure? vice president joe biden was also asked why the administration first said the attack was the result of a protest not a preplanned assault. >> the intelligence community told us that as they learn more facts about exactly what happened. they changed their assessment. >> they wanted more security there. >> we weren't told we wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security again. >> reporter: but u.s. officials in libya have said they repeatedly asked the state department for more security. now when paul ryan pressed biden about it, he pointed out ryan voted to cut funding for embassy security. ryan also accused the vice president of trying to minimize the crisis. >> they first blamed the youtube video. now they are trying to blame the romney-ryan ticket. >> reporter: republicans are also accusing biden of being down right disrespectful at what was described as a very
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spirited debate. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. do you know how you will vote? take the ktvu election quiz on our facebook page. you will find the page right under our cover photo. a search continues for a redwood city man. inside the car investigators found ryan's cell phone and his medication. the 54-year-old man was reported missing tuesday morning. his family is concerned because ryan has a medical condition and is normally in constant contact with family members. hercules police are in washington state to interview two persons of interest in the killing of retired schoolteacher susie ko. they have arrested darnell and tonya washington at gunpoint on wednesday. they were in the subaru that was stolen from the hercules home of susie ko. she was found fatally stabbed inside her home last friday.
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authorities say the couple suspected in a month long crime spree in southern california that included a shootout with sheriffs deputies. two judges have temporarily suspended public hearings on the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. that exloan killed eight people -- explosion killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. closed door negotiations will be held to determine how much pg&e should be fined. state regulators say private negotiations could help expedite a settlement. the hearings will be hold until november 1st. happening right now the space shuttle endeavour is indeed on the move. it's heading from lax to its permanent home near the los angeles coliseum. it will be a 12-mile trip that will take two days. this is a live picture right now. indeed it is moving. it doesn't appear it is. endeavour will stop at a parking lot on its way and have a nine hour layover as crews
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deal with power lines a little bit farther ahead of the route. there is an aerial view of the shuttle. crews try to move it going about two miles an hour. while the move will draw very curious onlookers some have complained about the extra traffic congestion. some 400 tree were cut to help the shuttle roll through the narrow roads. someone found this softball size eyeball washed ashore on a beach north of fort lauderdale. researchers are trying to find out what type of marine animal the eye belongs to. possible candidates include a giant squid or whale. quite a find. let's go to sal. what do you have beginning on right -- what do you have going on right now? >> i want to update you on this fire in san francisco. just want to tell you that the k, l, and m are all effected now. there has been conflicting information as to whether the l
6:18 am
was gettingly. we have just been looking at the picture. it has not been getting through. there is bus shuttles set up for you if you want to show up at the west portal area. they will take you over to the other side to the station there so you can get on at forest hill station. that is what is going on. let's take a look at some of the other commutes here. bay bridge toll plaza it is filled in. we do have traffic that is going to be backed up to about at 880 overcrossing. also this morning we are looking at the commute on the bridges. san mateo and dumbarton bridge look pretty good. no major problems. santa clara valley this is a good day to be out there right now. hasn't really filled in. if you have been tired of some of the tough commutes in san jose. if you want to get on the road early it looks good. a little bit wet out there. let's bring in steve. that is correct. on this friday mostly cloudy skies. higher clouds coming in from the sierra nevada still. low clouds at the surface. combination of the two give us
6:19 am
a cloudy, mostly cloudy and light drizzle. cloud cover very slow to clear out of here. it looks like it's just missing the north bay now. it may get a little bit of sunshine. yesterday very hard pressed to get any sunshine at all. 50s on the temps. 54, 57. there is really not much of a difference coast bay or inland. our big old low that is giving us crazy weather is moving very slowly. still sending in rain to the sierra nevada. a lot of cloud cover for us. underneath that one more system has to come by tonight. as the low moves out we keep a lot of low clouds in place. mostly colludey. temperatures with some light rain and drizzle. clouds, cool breezy at times. that is turning westerly to north westerly. instead of southerly like we had a couple days ago. so 60s to right at 70. i mean temperatures really not much of a difference anywhere you go. north, east, south. it doesn't matter. they will be close here.
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gilroy 68. 67 wood side. 58 pacifica. daly city at 59. there will be low clouds. but the higher clouds will move out. that will allow sunshine for our weekend. we'll continue that theme a little bit monday and tuesday. more u.s. crude oil is heading out of the country. bp now has given permission to ship crude oil to canada. serge in output of shale has raised u.s. domestic production to its highest level since 1995. larry ellison is known for big purchases. the founder of oracle just purchased most of a hawaiian island now he's setting his sights on a major sports and entertainment. he is one of several people that have asked for the information packet on aeg. it is a story you will see
6:21 am
only on 2 as he takes the national spotlight. why a moraga boy who was denied his eagle scout rank will soon have more than 100 of the rewards. plus yoga for children. the controversy surrounding a new program in southern california and why some parents want their kids pulled out. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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a new program is offering california children the chance to take yoga at school but not everyone is happy about it. the program is funded through a private grant and being tried in the school district in san diego county. it's descend to promote a more healthy and active lifestyle but some children want their -- but some parents want their children pulled out. >> yes the roots of yoga are based on some hinduism and it came from india. but it's very westernized now. so we as americans have really brought it into our culture to gain the actual physical and mental benefits of it. >> while some don't approve it, the district says they have seen a lot of support from other parents. academic achievement appears to be improving at public schools the state. that 53% of schools met or
6:25 am
surpassed the test score goal for this year. that is a 4% increase from last year. schools met the challenge despite obstacles by budget cuts. a judge is expected to dismiss a discrimination lawsuit filed against the city of oakland by one of the own officers. chauncey bailey project reports a tentative decision a judge rejectioned discrimination claims by sergeant doe win longmire. longmire investigated the investigation of chauncey bailey. now a story you will only see here on 2. a moraga boy scout condition denied the -- scout denied the rank of eagle scout because he is gay.
6:26 am
>> i'm so proud of you. i think you're an amazing young man. >> ryan appeared on ellen after his mother posted a petition on saying he was denied the coveted boy scout award because he is gay. we talked with him afterwards by phone. >> every time a gay person is not getting the same right or being told we're not as adequate or we are different and it's very, very hurtful. and it's not okay. >> ryan turned 18 on monday. that means he's past the deadline from becoming an eagle scout but 175 eagle scouts around the country have pledged to send their own eagle scout pens to ryan. on our website we posted a link to the andresen petition. you can scroll down on the front page.
6:27 am
6:26. sal, nimitz living up to its good old nickname. >> yes very slow. it has been removed. that accident at 23rd. we do have that accident gone. let's talk about the south bay. if you are driving in santa clara valley, it does look pretty good. now if you are driving on highway 17 i just got a text from tara, there seems to be controversy. muni said the l is running. there is no l running right now. because it just can't get through. she is there at the scene. i don't know muni said it's running, it is not. let's move along and take a look at 680 southbound the traffic is moving along well. let's go to steve. cloudy to mostly cloudy. multiple players of clouds here. with that drizzle and light rain. clouds still streaming off the sierra, nevada that makes for a cool day today. >> thanks, steve. a's and giants they are both in the playoffs but only one made it or still in it. what is next for the giants and
6:28 am
why they are still in cincinnati after yesterday's series victory. fire near a muni station is causing delays this morning for san francisco commuters. we just heard sal talking about it. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up. we'll also take you live to the opening bell next where banks and video games are effecting the numbers today.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. taking a live look at the big board. the opening bell there workday. we talked about this week. that is because dave he is known here in the bay area. hostile takeover by oracle. they are celebrating their ipo today. workday. it's human resources and finance company but it operates on the cloud application.
6:31 am
that is good news there. another ipo we've had quite a few lately. we'll have all the business news coming up in a moment. >> hope to finish the week strong out there. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us here. it's friday, october 12th i'm mike mibach. dave clark has the morning off. >> i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. we do have breaking news out of san francisco we've been talking about that restaurant fire in the west portal neighborhood. causing big problems for muni. ktvu tara moriarty joins us now with a look at what is happening and what commuters should know. tara. >> reporter: all the muni lines through the west portal area are not operating. that is the k, l, and the m. also on west portal avenue all of the businesses have been told to be shut down until 10:00 this morning. we just got word from police. and they say that none of those businesses will be allowed to open and serve people until 10:00 this morning. now this fire is still an active one. you can see behind me they are still trying to attack the
6:32 am
flames from the ladder. this is obviously going to be quite a headache this morning for people that live in this area. for than 100 firefighters now on scene fighting the flames. this is a very stubborn fire. crews have been working it since 5:00 this morning when someone called to report it on. we're on west portal avenue. right in front of the west portal muni station. the chief says it's too early to tell if it started in the kitchen and was a flue fire. crews had to cut walls out to let the fire breathe and get up on the ladder to attack. it it's called surround and drown. >> right now the squat and gobble restaurant is the main fire building although it has extended into where the wine store is next door. we have over 100 members here. we are getting a much better handle on it. we did pull crews out because of concern for their safety. so far no injuries. >> reporter: arson investigators will head in once the fire is out to piece together what sparked the fire.
6:33 am
this is actually the chief's neighborhood as it is for many of the police and fire helping out here this morning. they are all sort of shaking their heads since this is where they frequently eat. they say they are sad to see it damaged but thankful no one was hurt. again west portal muni shut down right now. no trains are going through the area because of the heavy police and fire presence. there are huge poses that are all through this intersection right here. there is no way anyone is getting through. again the businesses on west portal avenue shut down until 10:00 this morning. if you do need to catch muni i would suggest going to another station. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. from san francisco we head south to the south bay. san jose firefighters have knocked down a house fire that injured two people this morning. matt keller is live this morning at that scene with what made fighting that fire so difficult. matt. >> reporter: mike, i just spoke with the family that lives next door to this home. the father told me his neighbor
6:34 am
came out yelling fire, fire, fire just before 4:00 this morning and started hearing exploding glass. this fire quickly went from two alarm and you can see why from our video. the first firefighters arriving at the home saw the huge flames and made the call for more help. in the end 40 firefighters ended up here. but they didn't go inside. the flames unstable structure and live ammunition in the home made it too dangerous. >> we actually consulted with the san jose police department who was on scene. the biggest issue was when that ammunition went off the shell casing will become a projectile. >> reporter: the two people living at the home were taken by ambulance to the hospital. we are told one had second degree burns. firefighters were told to wear protective eye ware because of the parking light of exploding -- because of the possibility of exploding ammunition. the wires going into the house also caught fire. but there are no power outages in the neighborhood. the people living here told
6:35 am
firefighters they did have pets inside but did not know if they were able to escape the home. reporting live matt keller. concern is growing about a serial arsonist after another dumpster was set on fire overnight. that fire was reported just after 7:30 last night. this was the tenth fire in the area in the past two weeks and the second in just 24 hours. no structures have been damaged but fire investigators are were rid one of the fires could get out of control. anyone with information is asked to call the fire department. now to the election news. vice president joe biden was aggressive in the debate with his republican rival paul ryan last night. >> my friend recently said 30% of the american people are takers. these people are my mom and dad. the people i drew grew up with. my neighbors. >> this was paul ryan's first debate on a national stage but
6:36 am
analysts say he held his own. >> 23 million americans are struggling for work today. 15% of americans are living in poverty today. this is not what a real rearouse coy looks -- recovery looks like. >> as for which candidate won the debate it seems to be a tossup with some polls favoring biden. others giving a slight advantage to ryan. a watch party for students turned out for this historic debate between two catholic vice presidential candidates. >> i am catholic and it was nice to hear them say they are practicing and they respect other religions as well as their own. but i think that a lot of the policies they forget about their religion. >> but even on this campus only 50 students showed up to watch the vice presidential debate. there were plenty of empty seats there. president obama watched the vice presidential debate on air force one as he returned to washington from a campaign visit in florida.
6:37 am
following the debate the president told reporters he thought joe biden was quote terrific and said he had already callrd the vice president to congratulate him. mitt romney watched the debate at his hotel in ashville, north carolina. a small group of people joined him to watch the debate and eat pizza. romney called paul ryan immediately after the debate also to congratulate him. at with have posted more video of last nights de bate. you can look for the world and u.s. news tab right there on the front page. now to our fun news. after an a historic news in cincinnati the giants will play for a chance to go back to the world series. >> deep left field. that is way back and a grand slam for buster posey. >> you just can't see that enough. buster posey's grand slam capping a six run fifth inning in yesterday's deciding game five as the giants celebrated in the clubhouse, the fans back here in the bay area celebrated
6:38 am
as well. >> the giants are supposed to win. it's 2010 all over again. we're going to the world series. we will beat whoever stands in our way. go giants. >> the giants are still in cincinnati today to wait to find out who the giants play next. if washington beats st. louis tonight, the giants will two to washington. if st. louis wins, the series starts here in san francisco. either way, game one is sunday right here on ktvu channel 2. >> ground ball right side. omar to first. >> unfortunately not the same ending for the oakland a's. they fell to the tigers 6-0. after the game the sellout crowd showed the a's their appreciation for an exciting season. much of the 2012a's teams should be sticking around for next season with only a few players entering free agency. >> hats off to the a's and a's fans. i was out there and quite the
6:39 am
electrifying crowd. we'll wait to see about the giants. >> i hate detroit. >> tell me how you feel. >> they knocked my padres out. i hold it against them. >> i know how you feel. guys, i just got new information here fourth alarm has been struck at this fire at west portal. that means more fight fears from around the city will be arriving at this restaurant fire in san francisco. in case you are yust joining us -- in case you are just joining us it's the squat and gobble. fire engines -- fire trucks from around the city are now coming in. they had a pretty big response but now we are going to get even more response. muni is not getting through here 37 you can see -- getting through here. you can see the l, k and m. the fire continues to grow. it looks like flames coming from this restaurant in west portal. you heard tara say they are not going to open up any businesses
6:40 am
here on west portal until 10:00 in the morning at least. and quite the fire here. no one was reported injured inside the building. but know we are getting first report there is may have been a firefighter injured. we'll try to confirm that for you. let's move along and take a look at the westbound bay bridge. kind of a big delay here. no major delays on the bridge itself. this mornings commute is beginning to be okay so far in the south bay. i don't see a lot of big slow downs here on 101 and 280. you might want to take advantage. wet roads because of showers and rain let's bring steve in now. >> that is correct. a lot of low clouds and high clouds. that gave us a cloudy day yesterday. very little sun. but there are signs of a better weekend for sunshine. but today looks like a repeat of yesterday. mostly cloudy, cool. some of the higher elevations. especially out toward oakland
6:41 am
hill. morning fog on the weekend but sunny and warmer. that fog will burn off because it will lose the higher clouds. warmer weather may be after next wednesday. we could get mid to upper 80s. still though the cloud cover streaming over us off the sierra makes for a cloudy gray day here. also that low cloud deck underneath. the low finally moving east but i'll tell you it's taking its sweet time. it continues to move ever so slowly. exits stage right. mostly cloudy, cool with light rain coming right back around that. underneath that we have the drizzle. 50s for temps. again. i try to change these but there is nothing to change. just because they have been stuck. here goes our low. continues to march itself off toward nevada, utah. so drizzle light rain. clouds cool. mostly cloudy day today. the best bet for sun will be in the north bay. temperatures anywhere from 450 to 70s. it won't matter.
6:42 am
there is too much cloud cover. sunnyvale 66. everyone will be in there. but then 50s on the coast or upper 50s very low 60s from the city to south san francisco. nicer i should say inland as we lose the higher clouds. more sun on the weekend. it does look like a warmer pattern. de bate -- debate night almost turn into a night. and vallejo police overnight swarm a house here after reports of an armed robbery a home invasion robbery in progress. we'll tell you why neighbors were told to stay indoors. good morning highway 4 in bay point. you can see traffic starting to get busier. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing.
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6:46 am
at the scene. you can tell a ladder truck there and firefighters dousing water on the flames. this has been burning since 4:40 this morning. it's the squat and gobble restaurant. burning for the last two hours. the impact it is having obviously besides the restaurant the k the l and m muni lines. also police say businesses along west portal avenue will be shut down until 10:00 a.m.. police say a man was shot at least once at rogers and junction at 1:45 this morning. he was pronounced today dead at the scene. two people have been detained in connection with that shooting. the space shuttle endeavour has been moved to a private parking lot near lax. this is a live picture of the shuttle. it will stay at the lot for nine hours as crews clear power lines ahead of the route. earlier this morning the 160 wheeled care yore stopped
6:47 am
briefly so crews could prune tree ace cross the route. it's heading to the permanent home at the the california science center near the l.a. coliseum. a vallejo family went through a dramatic ordeal earlier this morning. intruders broke into their home and held them at gunpoint. ktvu alex savidge is in vallejo this morning with the overnight arrests of the suspects. alex. >> reporter: this was a frightening home invasion robbery for the people that live in this house just behind us. it happened late last night. they were held at gunpoint by armed men that burst inside. that a neighbor tells me one of the victims was able to call up 911 and then leave the phone on so that dispatchers could hear what was going on. vallejo police eventually came in and three men have been arrested for this holdup. it started around 10:40 last night when police got that 911 call from inside the house here on cardinal lane. six people who live here are being held up by armed men. police say the robber were
6:48 am
demanding jewelry. others set up a perimeter around the house. they got here while the robbery was still in progress. a next door neighbor i talked to tells me officers with guns drawn came through his backyard. >> very nervous you know. the wife they told us to get back in the house on the other side of the house. and you know stay away from the windows and stuff like that. because they didn't know if they were going to fire on them. >> police say the people that live in this house did not know the armed men who broke in last night. a sergeant i talked with with the vallejo police told me three min have been arrested and booked on both robbery and kidnapping charges this morning. a woman did come out of the house for a short time. she didn't want to talk to us on camera. only telling me it was scary. we are live this morning in vallejo alex savidge.
6:49 am
in southern california a bitter congressional race between two democratic lawmakers turned ugly at a debate last night. we have footage showing congressman brad sherman throwing his arm around howard burrman's shoulder saying do you want to get into this? the sheriffs deputy intervened and things calmed down. redistricting process has pitted the two incumbents against each other. several awards have been offer in the case of a missing mother in hollis store. she went missing wednesday after dropping her children off at school. yesterday her suv was found engulfed in flames but no one was inside. that now has police especially concerned about her safety. friends and family spent most of the night searching around the burned vehicle for clues. anyone with information is asked to call police.
6:50 am
it's coming up closer to 7:00. sal, of course covering that fire and the effects of that. >> that that is right. the streetcars there in west portal are not getting through the k, l, and m. you can see a ladder pipe there. they have a couple hitting this building there. pam and i were looking at these pictures. it looks like there is apartments up there. also the ground level businesses. the fire started at the squat and gobble here. more than 100 firefighters are at the scene. you can see no trains are getting through here to this tunnel here because of this fire in west portal. police chief joann hayes is there. and so is tara moriarty. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound the traffic is backed up to the mccarthur maze. and it's not especially bad. it's about a 25 minute delay. if you are driving in san jose
6:51 am
it has been nice here. a little bit of slow traffic on 101. that is about all. 280 and 85 are doing well. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very cloudy, cool, or cold. some people said i put the blanket on last night. a little chill in the air. and drizzle and light rain all coming around. two systems the low cloud is coming in underneath. expect for mainly the north bay. that low which has been sitting out in the pacific just kind of out there drifts in, drifts out. it's been there for 2.5-3 weeks. mostly cloudy, cool, light rain, drizzle. not only coast and bay. 50s on the temps. come by with westerly breeze. all this cloud cover it's a chilly morning. the low is moving. we have one more system here that will drag across us tonight. that will keep the low clouds. mostly cloudy, cool. i think the best bet for any would be the north bay. overall look for temperatures
6:52 am
to be in the 60s. 50s on the coast. 250s to upper 60s. little rebound in the temps on saturday. we'll have more sun inland. fog will still be there. it will be burned off sooner. warmer weather returns monday and tuesday. samsung showed off the newest, smallest, and cheapest version of the galaxy s3 phone. it sales for about $500. that is $200 less than the earlier version. samsung the mine knee has a four -- mini has a four inch screen. the new phone goes on sale in europe this month. september was a bad month for the video game industry. sales totaled $848 million. sounds like a lot but that is down 24 burst from the same tame last year. the best selling video game by the way madden nfl '13. battling over sunshine in san francisco. the big decision on a big shadow and how it will impact a
6:53 am
multibillion dollar project. a scary warning for people visiting south lake tahoe. what you're being told to watch out for and how it could severely impact your health. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
6:56 am
dow jones up almost 40 points. we talked about the video game industry. we talked about the banks. jp morgan in with a record profit. wells fargo shares dropping. california public health officials are sending out warnings for people that visit a popular park. it comes after a chipmunk tested positive for the plague. the roe dent was discovered near the entrance of the taylor creek visitor center. the health department is urging people to stay away from rodents and leave their pets at home. vice mayor of clayton has been -- found joe guilty after an eight day rival. during the trial his former business partners betroyed him as a insurance broker that stole $159,000 from his company. he will be sentenced on december 12th. the proposal for 1,000-foot high transbay tower has cleared
6:57 am
a major hurdle. two city commissions believe the proposed tower will not pose a problem in the area. the chronicle reports that it bypassed a voter improved ordinance. to cast shadows on city parks and playgrounds. the nhl season was supposed to begin yesterday instead the lockout remains in place. bay area hockey fans now have a new professional team to root for. the san francisco pulls open their season tonight against the bakersfield condos. they are a san jose sharks affiliate. second round gets under way this morning. australian nick is top of the leader board. he has a three stroke lead. coming up on the 7:00 hour let's head over to sal. sal what is going on in >> just looking here, mike. we are getting new details about the fire in the muni
6:58 am
service. we have the live pictures of the fire very much involved in this restaurant fire at west portal. muni lines are effected. muni announced the shuttle that will pick you up at st. francis circle. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up soon. let's go to the bay bridge. that is backed up for a ten minute delay. cloudy to mostly cloudy. drizzle. temperatures today very close to what happened yesterday. still moisture coming back around that low. a lot of low clouds coming in off the ocean. 50s and 60s. we'll have our weekend forecast coming up. also coming up next story we've been following all morning a fire still bunk at a restaurant in san francisco portal -- west portal district. how it's effecting surrounding businesses. >> we can win this. think about it. we have battled all yearlong. >> challenge still ahead for the giants as they advance to the playoffs.
6:59 am

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